Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Even in this age of man-made materials, nothing can match 100% cotton for strength, durability, feel and beauty.

We, at Country Cottons, LLC®, still believe in the integrity that was so common in products manufactured generations ago. We have sought to bring back this indispensable kitchen tool just as it existed back then. We are proud of our products because we believe they are the best. We hope you enjoy using them.

Customer Testimonial

"I received the dishcloths Saturday! I have been looking for these for the past ten years. Thank you! Probably more than 30 years ago I watched a consumer show on TV that showed that dishcloths like these, all cotton and open weave, are much more sanitary than sponges or other thick dishcloths for use in the kitchen. This is because they can be thoroughly rinsed out of any food particles or liquids after each use and dry quickly. This show actually demonstrated the high bacteria count in sponges after use, and practically non-existent bacteria count after using your type of dishcloth. I'm telling everyone I know how to find these. Again, thank you very much!"

Respectfully, Mary Ellen C.